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Narration of Daily Work - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: Narration of Daily Work - Personal Essay

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Table of Contents

  • Covered page
  • Acknowledgment
  • Introduction
  • Company History
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Activities of trainee
  • Description of the flow of work
  • Narration of daily work done
  • Work accomplished
  • Problems Met
  • Conclusions
  • Form Used
  • SIS
  • TALW
  • Documentation/ Pictures
  • Merit of Rating
  • Certificate of training Completion
  • Documentation while working

Description of the flow of work

First thing in the morning after we time in  we always using a biometrics, we clean the store before opening the gate and  if a costumer came in the store, we need to entertain them for what item they are finding, then if the customer is satisfied with the product we need to write on a small piece of paper the quantity of the product and inside a parenthesis we need to write the item no and after that the unit price and if the costumer has a bulk order we need to put the total price before we give it to the cashier then we always write it on daily record of the products that bought in a day for the cashier time out they can count easily the money that they have assisted during their shift.

Narration of Daily Work

        April 26, 2017, my first day of training I am a sales representative, being a sales representative is hard at first but the longer I stay in the work, the easier to look the products and to give the prices of it. On April 27, 2017, I have done same work. On April 28, 2017, my supervisors instructed their technicians to teach me on how to install solar panels at that time I realized that installing solar panel/s is easy, the technician told me that in installing solar panel I/we need to know the wattage of the solar panels and the power inverter then the current/ampere of the charge controller. In installing solar panels the first step is connect the solar panels on the rooftop or any were that the light of the sun can directly hit the panels then connect the battery first to the charge controller before  connecting the panels because it will damage the charge controller.

On April 29, 2017, I’ve been a sales representative; on this job I learned that we/I need to have a sales talk ability or good in oral communication especially in English language. Then on April 30, 2017, I’ve been transfer at 3GX Solution LEGASPI BRANCH, I been giving fliers of a Sky Direct Satellite cable at AYALA mall Legaspi and I learn some techniques of convincing a costumer to avail the products even they didn’t want to be interviewed or entertain. On May 1, 2017, I assisted the technician in installing the SKY DIRECT satellite cable, I only observed how he connects or assembled the satellite cable for the next time around I can make it alone or by myself without asking him for a fast work.

On May 2, 2017, while I am a sales agent a costumer bought a capacitor of an electric fan, I never knew how to test it suddenly one of the regular employee told me that in testing a electric fan or a washing machine capacitors I should put the multimeter into a higher range because, this capacitors needed a higher current to test or for the needle of the multimeter to deflect or to moved. On May 3, 2017, the store has a delivery from 3GX Solution MAIN BRANCH at NAGA City, I helped the stock room personnel to unload the deliveries and help to count before putting it in the storage room, and we also log out some items for the displays.

May 4, 2017 I replace a motherboard of a Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a computer. In this work you need to familiarize the connections or the wiring connections before removing, because if there is one that is not properly connected it may not functions properly. May 5, 2017 I also repair an audio system or the powered speaker, I have tested all the components that may caused by the trouble and if the costumer said that the other technician said any trouble just don’t mind it but make your own observation or probe of the certain trouble. May 6, 2017, we has been traveled to Ayala Mall Legaspi to inspect the CCTV connections because one of the CCTV is not properly functioning we tried to identified the possible cause of the trouble, then we found out that the camera or the lens of the CCTV camera is not functioning properly. On this day I also check a microphone because it has a feedback if connected to the amplifier, I checked the chord and in my findings the chord has a short circuit.

May 7, 2017, we install a CCTV cameras and installing the CCTV be sure that you have a clean wiring connections and it is properly connected to the power supply or in the DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER (DVR) additional information of it, the DVR is the storage of the CCTV cameras that have viewed in the monitor that recorded. May 8, 2017, we install the satellite cable I learned that all the satellite cable or any brand of it is facing the southwest direction. May 9, 2017, assembling a videoke machine is hard for the beginners who don’t have any experience or helper that has knowledge. May 10, 2017, my duty is assigned as a sales staff. May 11, 2017, we installed CCTV with 8 channels of DVR or 8 cameras. May 12, 2017, we install 3 pcs. Of 200 watts solar panels at Malilipot Albay.

May 13-14, 2017, I only work at the 3GX Store, if it doesn’t have a costumer I clean the dust of the display and arrange it properly. May 15, 2017, I installed of satellite cable. May 16-17, 2017, my duty is being a sales staff and same work I have done last May 13-14. On May 18, a delivery came, but our warehouse staff is on his day off I made his job because I am the only male staff left in the store because the others take their lunch break, I unload the deliveries then count it. May 19-20-21, 2017, in this days we don’t have services outside that’s why I only work as a sales staff, then suddenly one of the supervisor of the 3GX Naga came, she observe us how we work in the store or what we are doing if there is no costumers. May 22, 2017, we installed CCTV’s the technician let me to do it, he just observed me if I am working it properly.

May 23, 2017, I am trained as a sales staff, then on May 24, I return in Sorsogon for enrolment but the enrolment was moved, in the afternoon I decided to go back at Tabaco to finish my training.

May 25 another delivery came, I wonder that the delivery in 3GX is weekly so that some items will be displayed for the costumer choices. May 26, 2017, is the last installation of satellite cable I have made, May 27-28-29, 2017 is my last three days of the Training. On May 29, 2017 at 3:00 in the afternoon I have return to Sorsogon.



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