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My Personal Experience of Firstborns Compare to Youngest Siblings

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Essay Preview: My Personal Experience of Firstborns Compare to Youngest Siblings

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Alex Juarez

Mrs. Jen Krisuk 

English Comp. 1

7 December, 2017

My Personal Experience of Firstborns Compare to Youngest Siblings

From the moment you first draw breath, it was a moment that you are the first one to be born, and you are willing to love your family. Then a least a year or two, a second baby was born, and now parents see you that you’ll find yourself a supporting role to your youngest sibling. When you first begin to grow into the oldest child, you work to shape your role of character, and unravelling them would be a major undertaking. Knowing whether a person is the oldest, youngest, middle or only child, means you can instantly make a great number of correct guesses about the way the person behaves, thinks and feels. How do I know about the relationship and how compared between the firstborns and youngest siblings? Well, it’s because I’ve lived with my brothers and have the experience of how we are compared of our relationship.

The story of my relationship with my brothers, started of when me and my brother were born at the same day. I am the first born child in my family, and I have two brothers who are the youngest, but my first brother was born two minutes later. I remember when we were both children and whenever we always fight, I always tell my mother that my brother is picking on me, or he’s doing bad things. I tell my mother because I’m responsible to tell her what my brother is doing. Most of the time at school, he goes doing things by himself without even me noticing, and I didn’t even know if he’s going to hang out with the wrong group of friends. As we grew older and my second brother was born, I would do good in school and my brother would sometimes get into trouble. I keep getting awards for student of the week, while my brother gets at least a few awards. I would always follow my brother, because I would watch over him, just in case he doesn’t go into any more trouble. During that time, my second brother would do good in school, but I think it’s because he’s the only brother that goes to school by himself. When we were in high school, I’ve noticed a change in my first brothers actions. Sometimes he would skip some of his classes, while I was in all of my classes, and would mostly get into detention. Although I did manage to take responsible actions on my brother, so he can go and graduate with me, and me and my brother did both graduate at the same time.

Now my younger brother would go and wanted to do the things he wanted, and I think it’s because he’s the last born. Now that my second brother is at high school, he’s able to take part of school activities and be in the schools clubs and also is talkative around his friends. It’s interesting that my second brother is doing more of what he did, and for my and my first brother, we actually didn’t take part of any part of clubs. (well I actually took a part of one club). Now, he we are at the present day, and my second brother is finishing high school and that he goes out with his friends, while my first brother is working overnights, and I’m the only one from the brothers, that I’m in college, and studying for my future career. I’ve finally realized about how me and my brother are compared to each other, and how that the birth order affects us. According to Kluger’s article, “The Power of Birth Order”, he stated that first born siblings are compared to the last born siblings, which why they are compared to each other, because each siblings have each of their personalities that they are likely to be different.(Kluger 5).



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