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My Life Compared to the Song: Break Away

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Essay Preview: My Life Compared to the Song: Break Away

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The song "Break Away" has great meaning. The song's meaning is a way of expressing the feeling of being trapped in a place that you do not think you belong and just wanting to get out and go to a new place. This song has great meaning to me because it is a perfect description of how I feel.

The very first line, "Grew up in a small town," does not exactly apply to me. I grew up in Matthews, North Carolina. Though many people consider Matthews to be a big town, but to me it seemed exceedingly small. It felt like my neighborhood was my town. The second through the sixth lines, "and when the rain would fall down, I'd just stare out my window. Dreamin' of what could be and if I'd end up happy. I would pray." I would pray strongly relates to my life as well. This is because when it would rain, I would just sit there and watch the rain hit the ground and wonder what would become of my life.

The seventh through ninth lines, "Trying hard to reach out, but when I tried to speak out, felt like no one could hear me." relates to me because I was never the outgoing type. Instead, I was very quiet and kept to myself. The following four lines, "wanted to belong here, but something felt so wrong here. So I'd pray. (I would pray) I could break away." have the most meaning to me now. When I first moved to Chesterfield, I felt so out of place. Now, three years later, I still like this is not the place I belong. The chorus to this song relates to what I really want I truly want to do as soon as possible. "I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly, I'll do it take 'till I touch the sky." I'll go anywhere that feels right and "I'll make a wish. Take a chance. Make a change, and break away" and get away from the world I'm in now. When I go off and find that place where I belong, it will be a place described by the lines "out of the darkness and into the sun. But I won't forget all the ones that I love." because I believe it means I'm coming out of my mom's protective shadow and into the brightness of my own unsecured world. The second-to-last line before the second chorus, "Wanna feel the warm breeze. Sleep under a palm tree. Feel the rush of the ocean. Get onboard a fast train. Travel on a jet plane far a way and break away" just tells how badly I want to get out of this



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