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Song in Caucasian Chalk Circle Reflect Our Human Life

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Essay Preview: Song in Caucasian Chalk Circle Reflect Our Human Life

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       Hong Kong Shue Yan University                            

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Songs in Caucasian Chalk Circle reflect of our human life



                                                      By Chan Chor Yuen


                                                 Modern Drama  ENG 260


                                                         Dr.Maria Chan



   Song sometimes are indicate that how to communicate to the theme, introduce figures, predict the next act, emblazoned as a comedy and reveal the thought of ​​singers.Songs are often used for communication, and can also relieve the audience's nervousness in live performances.By using song lyric in the play,it would have different meaning,such as ,human life or human philosophy.In my essay,we would like to look into two songs.One is The Song of the Four General ,and the other one is The Song of the Centre.The Song of the Four General is General is talking about four Generals launched the war in Iran, but did not win because the first war did not agree; the second never won; third, the weather was incorrect; and fourth, men never fought.
   Susu Robakidze marched to Iran, for whom the war did indeed agree; he quickly won; the weather was always good, the men always fought, so he won. Grusha sang this song to encourage himself, because of the challenges ahead she and, like Susu, that she had to overcome all these and win the song also highlighted the themes of the war and generals' behavior when they went to war.    

   In the versa on two lines, “Four General,set out for Iran”,it is seems to be there a war setting in the Iran and the Four Generals with the first one,it means Grusha want to stop the war so that the war would happen again.But she didn’t know how to do.She just sang on these after two lines “With the first one,war did not agree” and the “The second never won a victory.”She sung that these two lines reflect that she believes that the war never would get victory in her sight.It seems to our human life,we uses violent to tackle all the problem.It seems no work.At the same time,she sang this song has been  aroused to righteous indignation.It shown that she hope that the war will finish from her heart,but in our human life we always escaping our reality,but we didn’t know how to overcome the problem from our society.

     Furthermore,there have another like talked about “the weather” never was right.It has a symbolic meaning the weather means about the Grusha mood was upset and worried.In fact,the weather can also indicate that human life the emotion;delighted, anger, sorrow, and happiness.Moreover,it also pointed out that our human life is filled with high and low rise and fall.We don’t know what will happen or the war can succeed to still can not know in the future.In the words “weather”,it can reveal that her feelings of frustrated and confused to look at this “Iran war”.

    Besides,the song lyric has mentioned that “He is our man”,it can shown that Grusha always to respect on Simon.It seems that Simon should be one of her heros and one of the most important reaction on her.It can acknowledge that our human life always have person who beloved and influence on you.We have to thanks for him or her.However,Grusha sang "the voice of General IV and alert readers to the turbulent political situation of the time." There was a war in Iran and she was thinking of Simon in the war. She hinted Robinson and Susu Robarkidse and concluded that "he is our People "shows her great love for Simon.

       By using different literary device to manifest that the atmosphere of strong and aroused to indignation to the war has been constantly hit.Grusha sang the line “For the third the weather never was right. For the fourth the men would never fight” and “For him the weather was always right and For him the men would always fight.”She uses the anaphora to describe the accident.It seems that she wants to bring the time back on her happiness period.That is because from the Greek word "Anaphora", meaning "bring back" or "to carry back".It can reveal that she has something happened is memorable.In addiction,the song has been used the rhyme,such as“right” and “fight”.I believe that Grusha to point out whether a right choice to have a fight.She believes that one human philosophy.(White, John,2004) states that Grusha might acceptable in a statement which is an eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind.Why not to stop fire??Peace is not absence of conflict;it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.Undeniably,she uses literary devices to release on her pressure of Simon died.

     Though Grusha ‘s singing may be alluring,but she ignores the fact that reality cannot change.From a cognitive psychology point of view, every emotion has its own relational meaning. Emotion can be an understanding of the meaning of the relationship, but it can also be initiated or modified by an event without concern for the meaning of the relationship or for Organize, arrange, or adjust personal social relationships (Lazarus 1991; Deigh 1994; Parkinson 2009).In the “The Song of the Four General” Grusha can have cognitive view on her emotion that she felt depressed and worried.

    The next song is the "The Song of the Centre" (page 47), when Grusha arrives at her brother's house and sings again. It is about a man who is engaged and is leaving the war. His wife advised him to be cautious in the battle in order to return home after the war. She advised him to stay in the middle, because the front is red smoke, the first is always dead, the last one is hit, but those in the center of the people home. The song emphasizes the effects of war, such as death and separation from loved ones. Grouchas is the victim of this man, because she has been separated from her lover Simon, hoping that she will survive and go home.

   From the lyrics on the versa 1,the lyrics “And the lover started to leave,And his betrothed ran pleading after him,Pleading and weeping,weeping”.It shows that Grusha wants to married Simon,but he leave to the heaven.He would not come back anymore.She just crying and begging and then said Dearest mind and Dearest mind.It can emphasis that she are praying for god and hoping Simon will

accompanied by her side.Also,she said that dearest and dearest it might refer to Simon someone just only who beloved from her heart.Thus,she remembered that Simon is someone who is fall in love with her.She felt heartbroken and depressed.On the next verse,she sang that “When you go to war as now you do,When you fight the toe as soon you will”and “Stay in the war center,Stay near the Standard bearer”These two refrain use the anaphora to emphasis the song’s atmosphere so that it can see Grusha what the strongly feeling’s on death and separation.She known that if go to war and fight the foe as soon you will died.Also,Grusha sang that “red” have a symbolic meaning is warning and must to pay attention.I believe that she just warning that Simon can not in front of the fire and then it will spurt the red smoke.



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