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My Education Goal

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Learning is a continuous process in life since we are constantly influenced everything known and unknown around us. Whether one considers making learning a formal process by attending educational institutions and being recognized for their achievements or informally, by their own inclination to learn, is a focal decision one eventually has to make. Every person should take pride and add value in the knowledge and know- how that they possess. They have the capability of making unique contributions to the society from the power that they have. My educational objective can be best accomplished through a formal education, which will help me to create original knowledge bequeaths to contribute to my community and to the institutions that have played a part in my success.

For the last couple of centuries the United States has been viewed as the land of opportunity, and this still holds true today. The United States is unprecedented in the resources that it offers for undergraduate studies. These resources come on many forms such as, internships, easily accessible research facilities, up to date technology, and others. I desire to use these resources to obtain the best I have to offer. What I have to offer will in the forms of Contributions to the community, the institutions that have contributed to my success, and all who need what I have to offer.

There are the three main categories of things that can be gained in a life experience. We can gain materially, gain in our personality, and gain knowledge. According to our goals we pick which we want more of. I want nothing if the first except to aid my approach to the third. The second will happen as it must over time, and I can't really guess what will be gained or lost there. So what there is life to tell you about is the knowledge I want.

All knowledge that I might want is subsidiary to the main piece of knowledge I seek. I am after the meaning of life. All other concerns, including happiness, are second in importance to this goal. I don't expect to suddenly pop up with the meaning of life in the middle of an essay for a college class, or discover proof that life is without meaning in the lab. College is a step in my lifelong search for knowledge that will hopefully bring me closer to my goal.

Now is a time for me to make decision in life that will help me succeed in the future. The decision is to choose the right institution that will help me meet my goals and



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