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My Da Vinci Code Essay

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The Da Vinci Code. The hottest book of the season that has gotten everybody talking. Documentaries about the Da Vinci Code are bound to be unavoidable (for some, maybe irresistable) since they are constantly featured on television, radio, in the internet or anywhere else.

Da Vinci Code. These three words mean differently for different people. For them it could be the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci himself or something that could destroy a long lived belief that has survived for more than a millennium (as most or maybe some devoted believers of the Roman Catholic or any other Christian faiths would say).

The book clicks because of its unprecedented charisma fired up with tons of controversies that are too grave to miss. Although Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the like got their time but in my opinion they were not as full-blown as the Da Vinci Code. And to keep the fire burning, a movie was made. People went berserk with the Da Vinci Code overexposure resulting bans and protests anywhere in the globe. Some even declare it as an insult to their belief, to their faith. It has demonized organizations and contorted innocent minds as they say.

Why are so many people greatly affected, as to say, to this 454-paged book when in fact everybody knows it is FICTION? Some say that this book has gone overboard for mingling with something where some people (especially the youth per say) are most vulnerable: RELIGION/FAITH. The book declares that Jesus Christ was "in fact" married to Mary Magdalene. This is the sole statement that has sparked outrages, constant debates, protests and etcetera. Millions of people were were taken aback (I was one of them) after had having read or heard of the statement. Some celibate religious figures damn the book for they BELIEVE that Jesus is a celibate himself and that they followed his footsteps religiously. Apparently, some political figures damn the book also maybe because of their strong belief or perhaps to grab on another fifteen minutes of fame.

Allow me to repeat the question: THEN WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE GREATLY AFFECTED TO THIS BOOK WHEN THEY KNOW IT IS FICTION? Is it because of close-mindedness? Or is it because that somehow in this fiction there are part truths that are hard to swallow? Or perhaps because of the THOUGHT of Jesus being married to a long-time believed prostitute which is ever so wrong?

Admittedly, I am one of the many people who have insufficient knowledge of what is inside our Holy Bible; it is because I do not go to church often



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