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My Apple Tree

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Hireen Patel

Mrs. Pryor

English 11

25 September 2016


                                        My Apple Tree

        Looking back to my childhood, I remember running on my bare feet through the long pointy green grass trying to escape my older brother whenever we played hide-and-seek. I would always end up hiding in my usual spot, which was the old apple tree behind our dusty apartment building. The apple tree was my favorite spot in the area. The trunk was thick, like a gigantic wall which hid me away from my ambitious brother who would stop at nothing to try and find me. I had always sat down with my back laying against the enormous hard bark and for some reason I always felt relaxed whenever I was around the apple tree. The tree had blushing red apples, which looked as juicy as can be. The bark of the tree was a dark brown; it was dark enough that you could even see the long strings of a spider web. I would peek my head around the corner and my entire hand would be sticky. I always had difficulty getting this mysterious sticky substance off my hand; it was a constant reminder of memories of the apple tree.

        Whenever I felt the need to relax or loosen I would just lie underneath the apple tree and dream about the wildest of thoughts. I would wake up and look at the clear blue sky with the innocent clouds. It seemed as though thousands of branches protected me from everything above. Every branch of the apple tree held, what seemed like millions of more leaves that would snap off to catch the cool windy breeze. I always felt the happiest when I was around the apple tree.

        It was later in the same night when my entire family decided to have a cookout outdoors near the tree. My Mom called to me to come eat the freshly grilled steak that was cooked on the burning hot grill. I was too busy trying race my brother up the tree to notice her calling out my name. While I climbed the enormous apple tree which felt like I was above the Titanic. I could the see the bright faces of my family; I particularly saw the cherry colored face that my Dad was making from laughter. It seemed as if the apple tree was a charm, which brought us joy and love. After dinner we all laid in the tall grass looking up into the sky. I have never seen the sky lit up so brightly, it was as if the thousands of sparkling stars were dancing as our eyes gaze upon them. I could feel the grass snuggling on me like an old blanket which held my body against the ground. I would sometimes feel the grasshoppers around the blades of grass as if they were asking to join me in my blanket. This was my heaven that I came from the apple tree.



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