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My Ambition

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From the bayonets of milatary personals to the razor sharp scalpel neurosurgeons, there is a vast army of occupations available for capable men and women of today's industrialized world. Ranging from lawyer to englineer. These people are the workforce of our nation.

After much consideration and deep thoughts plus recommendation from friends and relative, I decided to be a practionner of medicine or better known as a doctor. The reason i chose this ambition generally because this is a noble job and it is financially rewarding. Naturally, I am a very kind-hearted person myself who finds satisfaction and pleasure in helping others who are weak and in need. Directly, this shows that a doctor's job is compaitable to my characteristics. I also admire the valiant duty of a doctor saving lives of his patient with undivided care and passion. Besides, a doctor is known to be one of the most financially rewarding, knowledgeable and respected job in the world.

In order to archieve this glorious ambition, I must study extremely hard. It would be very important to ace every important subject in my secondary education. From what I have heard, I must be very good im my Engligh language, chemistry, biology, physics, additional mathematics and modern mathematics in order to get one step closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a doctor. I should start burning the midnight oil to study whether I am in secondary school or a tertiery institude, or more specifically medicine school.

Even though being a doctor is my dream, I know all too well that I must put in a massive proportion of hardwork so that my dreams would not be equivalent to "building castles in the air". I pray that God will bless me with wisdom and knowledge and determination to endure the challengesI will meet. I also admit that I will need the moral and financial support of my family to archieve this dream.

Through being a medical praticionner is only a choice out of the hundred thousands of the occupations, I would be ultimately estatic and sastifiedif I were to archieve it. I shall put in plenty of effort to nullified challenges that impede me from reaching my goal. With perseverence and hardwork, I know that I can finally acquire certificate that states P.hD (Medicine and Surgery).



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