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English Monologue – Bernard Madoff’s ‘vaulting Ambition’

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Essay Preview: English Monologue – Bernard Madoff’s ‘vaulting Ambition’

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English Monologue – Bernard Madoff’s ‘Vaulting Ambition’  

*On phone* Yep, uh-huh… Yeah alright (sighs) it was the inevitable anyway. Thank-you (hangs up).

*Sits Down*

It has come to an end. The past 30 years of my life has just become a neglectful period of existence. The lies, oh the lies... And what for? To spend the rest of my life to rot in jail. Working under my father in law just wasn’t sufficient, was it? I couldn’t just settle to become one of Wall Street’s finest accountants. No, I had to become the richest, the best, the greatest Wall Street has ever seen.  

Starting off from scratch. Building an entrepreneurial enterprise, not knowing what I wanted to do in life other than to be a success, has forced upon this relentless drive to become the greatest. My father spent 40 years of his life as plumber working tirelessly to put a roof over our heads and food on our plate. He told me to make something of myself. I guess that’s where I went wrong, I simply wanted to provide for people that invested in me and that trusted me. My desire for power has led me on a path of destruction… My ego, greed and selfishness has surrounded me like a kaleidoscope. I picked those things that I felt would advance me instead of benefitting my family. I was stuck in an untouchable cloud filled with my own arrogance and self-desire, leaving those who genuinely cared about me to suffer dearly.

From humble beginnings to having a net worth of seventeen billion dollars. Wow. What an experience. But this day was bound to happen. My determination to achieve great things was clouded by my poor judgement. The Ponzi scheme was always going to be discovered. My dignity ceased to exist, but my ambition was of abundance. Even though I have failed my family, my desire to provide for them will never die. Yes, I have made people a lot of money. Yes, I have provided for my family. Yes, I have become everything I sought out to achieve. But have I really? People’s entire life savings have been taken away. All because of this, this will to succeed, and to become the greatest, I have ruined the lives of so many just to fill this void in myself that constantly reminded me that I need to become the greatest.

As I reflect on my darkest days, I see very little to look forward to. From a Beverly Hills mansion to a dull, disgustingly damp four by four cell which is a constant reminder of the bad deeds I have committed. This picture of my family will be the only thing that will make me want to wake up in the morning. My beautiful kids, I’m so disappointed that I have failed them. And my wife, the most gorgeous woman on the planet. My original source of motivation. I just wanted to give her everything she could ever wish for because she deserves it. Oh, well, this is where my ambition has led me (Police storm in). Farewell...



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