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the cat int the hat sat on a bat with his tail so fat he smushed a rat hitting the rat with a terrible twat he sang what a song is this and that.. poor little rat is were i sat and hmm tell me what do u think of that? computers make

me mad yes thts a fact a head ache as i smash it with a bat! stupid lil piece of junk that helps me not smushing it harder smushign it flat! then i no ill feed it to my fat cat. this is not fair a paper do tommarrow a bald headed teacher with a head so hollow. a day for a final a speech to be exact id like

to use his head as my mat!!! stupid twat!rhymeing is fun its something to do maybe you should try it you might like

it to.! im the new dr. seus ryhme if you can writing out of my butis my plan. a curse for a curse is it usualbe here? or will there be big fluffy reindeer driving rihgt near? ahh 250 words needed to be seen...for me to copy other papers so the teache rcan be mean. im done ryhiming here yes it was fun whyll it lasts but i better get started on my paper before my moms beating my ass:)

GREEK MYTHOLOGY, set of diverse traditional tales told by the ancient Greeks about the exploits of gods and heroes and their...

GREEK MYTHOLOGY, set of diverse traditional tales told by the ancient Greeks about the exploits of gods and heroes and their...

Article Topics

Introduction, Principal Figures in Greek Mythology, The Nature of Greek Gods and Heroes, The Functions of Greek Mythology, Origins and Development of Greek Mythology, The Legacy of Greek Mythology

Unlock the MythsIllustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology.


MythNETVisit the classical compendium "where togas are still hip" to find links to Olympian gods, Titans, lesser gods, heroes, and legends. With a game.

Classical MythDiscover ancient images of gods and goddesses from frescoes, coins, and sculptures. Also provides mythological contexts.

Bulfinch's MythologyDefinitive resource utilized by the scholar and the layman. Find numerous scholastic notes, and detailed renditions of the classics.

Lyons, Deborah - Gender and ImmortalityPrinceton professor offers her analyses of Greek mythology. Read the entire text, and find bibliographic notes.

Danaans - Greek Mythology LinkSee a map of Argolis, homeland of the Danaans, and read an overview of the area, with relevant links.




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