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Music and Moods

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Tim Armstrong- Tim is the mastermind behind the powerful lyrics. He started his musical career in a band called Operation Ivy, but after three years of music, the band found it hard to continue. Tim was caught up in drinking and drug use and needed to get his life back together. Along with Matt, he formed Rancid, and many of his problems where solved. He has been put into the spotlight of the band, mainly because of his 12-inch mohawks and stylish dress. But dont be fooled by his looks, he is a great musician and knows how to make beautiful music.

Lars Fredrickson- Lars was the last member to join Rancid. He wasn't actually part of the band until days before the first record was recorded. Before Rancid, Lars played guitar in a band called U.K. Subs. Since joining Rancid, his guitar skills have improved, as well as his writing abilities. He also became close friends with Tim, and helped Tim kick his bad habits. Lars plays a vital role in Rancid, as a musician, and a friend.

Matt Freeman- Matt, in my opinion, is the best bass player to ever play. His harmonizing riffs give Rancid a wonderful background, and completely change the feel of the music. He was also part of Operation Ivy and his talents are obvious even in his early years. He was one of the original members of Rancid, and helped build the foundation that Rancid offers in the world of music. Rancid would not be the same without him.

Brett Reed- Brett, like most drummers, does not receive

the credit he deserves. He adds a vital part to Rancid by keeping a beat easy to follow and fun to listen to. His role could not be filled by anyone else without drastically changing the success of Rancid's music.

Thanks to Trey and Zach's Rancid Page.



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