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Modern Technologies in Modern World

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The modern world is full of all sorts of novelties: science, technology, medicine. Never, probably, people did not possess such a sum of knowledge in different fields. Amazing things and phenomena surround us. Today, figuratively speaking, you can get news from your pocket, connect to a network that exists only in the information field, send a message to a person who is thousands of kilometers away from you. Thanks to information technology, we can get to know people who live far away, quite in other countries and cities.

Science came up with a lot of interesting and useful. From biomaterials to artificial hands. From an artificial kidney to contact lenses that train eye muscles at night. From high-speed planes to high-speed trains that save time. From digital libraries, online universities and courses to advanced deep earth drilling rigs. Modern technologies are called upon to serve humanity, to help it reach even greater heights.

However, not all technologies benefit the human being. Often there is a reverse. For example, modern weapons are capable of destroying both nature and human lives in frightening proportions. The industry smokes, smokes, discharges toxic waste into the water, invades the earth's interior in search of resources. A plastic waste has become a byword, they do not decompose by nature and are stored in nature for a long time. In the Pacific, there is already a new "continent" of floating debris.

Now the modern technologies are faced with the task of finding effective ways to clean up the environment, recycle garbage. It is also very necessary to develop alternative energy sources, because the world's oil, gas and coal reserves are exhausted. But they built a world economy on them. Soon, they will have to find a replacement for them.

The technologies created by talented people themselves can be useful, and I can do harm. It depends on how to use them. Using a smartphone, for example, you can breed gossip. You can not get out of the day with computer shooters. Every technology should be used wisely and understanding its true utility.



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