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Methods of Inputs

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Method of Input

The question was ask, what method of data would be the best way to enter the following data into a computer system. The data that is in question is:

1. Printed questionnaires

2. Telephone survey

3. Bank checks

4. Retail tags

5. Long Documents

Printed questionnaires have been used for years now for various reasons from using them to monitor and evaluate the service that was provided, or used as a form of research. Back in the day printed questionnaires were evaluated by one or a group of individuals that would tally up all of the questions asked to come up with the results. Now that computers are being used to hold all of our information digitally, the best way to input data gathered from a printed questionnaire is to use a keyboard and a mouse. Since you are dealing with a paper printed document with characters, text and commands, the only way to transfer this data is by the use of a keyboard and mouse. The downside to this type of data input is that it is very time consuming.

Next we have telephone survey. The best way to enter data from a telephone survey is by the use of the data input method known as voice recognitions. Voice recognition will take the sound data that is being spoken and convert it into digital signals. There are a variety of voice recognition software programs out there. These different versions are speaker dependent, discrete speech, continuous speech. Speaker dependent requires an extended training session during which the computer system becomes accustomed to a particular voice and accent (Webopedia, 2007). Discrete speech will usually require the speaker to speak slower and separate each word with a pause. And last, the newest technology that is being release is continuous speech that allows the speaker to talk normally.

There are two data input methods to enter bank checks into a computer system. The first method would be by using the keyboard and mouse. Since you are dealing with text and numbers (money), individuals would be assigned to enter data into a system manually using the keyboard. This method is commonly used at smaller banks. The fastest way to enter this data is the input method known magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) Devices.



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