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Methods of Data Input

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The methods of data input that would be best for the following situations are as follows. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MIRC) this is used when reading the numbers at the bottom of the checks. MICR acts like an audio tape recorder when it reads the letters and numbers on the check. Magnetic characters are imprinted on the checks and then it is scanned to retrieve the data. To read this data there is the MIRC reader-sorter which when it reads the information in the magnetic ink it is able to sort them as well. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) this system helps telephone surveying without the person on the phone asking the questions. This system is prerecorded with voice prompts, and gives the options to make choices through the number pad on the phone or even just speaking the answer. Bar Code Readers use the light that is reflected by the dark lines and light lines in the bar code. There is a different width on these bars that gives each bar codes different character. This is used in stores on the items to show the price of what the item may be, such as an article of clothing, which will have retail tags on them. When scanned it will allow the data to be read and a price will appear. OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) this is a method used when making a printed questionnaire. There is a mark made on a pre-printed form that is in fade out ink, which is very pale ink. All the forms put in an optical mark reader reflects the light from different parts of the form. The task is then carried out in a computer that has special software that transmits the data to the computer from the machine. Long documents can be done through Word, which is used for documents such as books, manuals or even dissertations.

Hand held computers are best used when it deals with calendars and address books. The reason is because the keyboard is small with the screens as well. One-color printer that is very good to print color photographs is an ink-jet printer. It is not as expensive as laser printers, but provides a resolution at 300 dots per minute. The ink-jet printers are capable to give high quality print. PDF file format by adobe programs makes it possible to send formatted documents such as a resume that can be viewed online to the recipient's as they were sent. Memorandums are small notes that you can save for further uses, the output program that can do this is the program for notepad, and all computer models have them. A great output device to show statistical reports is either a spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft excel is used to show company annual reports. It has very extensive graphic capabilities; each



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