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Memorandum Abc Company

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TO: Michele Silver or Current Even Group

FROM: Nora Jones

DATE: February 24, 2005

SUJECT: Work Schedule

My job is an accounting receivable. Accounting department is a big family; this company doesn't have much office politics. People are helping each other in many ways. Assistance provides the ways for you to get the help you need when you run into problems with your computer. Co-workers are also helping so many things, such as your life and your relationship with other people.

Still remembering my first day on this company, my first job was from a different department, during the first week of work, in those days, things are very hard for me to catch up the work. This department is having too much office politic. There's no much time for them giving training to new people. No one can show me how to use the program, how to sell the product, and how to handle customer services. By the time, I was trying so hard to learn all the skills. Peter was helping me a lot. He is from accounting dept. which my department is marketing.

Every time when people have computer problem, peter always do a favored. He teaches people how to use the office system, the program. He also teaches the way to type orders, how to charge the customer and how to do cancellation. Marketing department is having too much people. They're all count on how many sales you got, and how many phone calls you answer. If people don't make enough sales to the company, the employee will get lay off soon.

Peter helped me to transfer to other department; I am a part of accounting department. By learned so many things form this company, and the most exciting is getting to know people's relationship in a company. That makes me learn a lot! Having a nice Co-work like this, you will work with happiest, fun and excited.


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