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Melting Point Determination

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1. To determine the identity of an unknown by its melting point.

2. To confirm the identity of an unknown by using the mixed melting point technique.


8 Known chemicals with literature melting points.

Name of Known Lit. M.P. Name of Known Lit. M.P

Adipic Acid 151Ð'Ñ"c - 153Ð'Ñ"c Resorcinol 109Ð'Ñ"c - 110Ð'Ñ"c

Citric Acid 152Ð'Ñ"c - 153Ð'Ñ"c Toluic Acid 110Ð'Ñ"c - 112Ð'Ñ"c

Naphthalene 80Ð'Ñ"c Phenyl acetic Acid 77Ð'Ñ"c - 78Ð'Ñ"c

Phenacetin 134Ð'Ñ"c-135Ð'Ñ"c Urea 133Ð'Ñ"c - 134Ð'Ñ"c


Meltemp Apparatus: Heating block used to melt chemicals at unknown temperatures.

Capillary tubes: Tubes used to hold chemicals to be melted.

Thermometer: Used to determine the temperature at which chemicals melt.

Watch glass: Used to hold chemicals and for transfer of chemicals into capillary tubes.

Hollow glass: Used to contain capillary tubes and to help pack the chemicals into the tube.



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