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Macbeth: Pre-Determined Destiny

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Essay Preview: Macbeth: Pre-Determined Destiny

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Pre-determined Destiny?

Macbeth was a victim of a vicious human flaw. Ambition. It

can be great in small dosages, but when one takes what one

believes to be ones destiny, as shown in Macbeth, it can be the

downfall. Macbeth was a Noble man worthy of Respect, then the

prophecies came, and then there was his wife.

"Brave and Bold Macbeth (well he deserves that name)" the

very words of the king that Macbeth so faithfully served. Never

once thinking of murder. But then he receives the Prophecy "Hail

Macbeth Thane of Glamis!" "Hail Macbeth Thane of Cawdor!" and

"Hail Macbeth king hereafter!". This plants the seed of evil in

Macbeth's mind. In fact, one of the first thoughts he has is of

Murder. When he returns home, his wife he had already informed;

she was sure, that he was "too full of the milk of human

kindness" or too feminine to do what was necessary. She

convinces him of murder, but Macbeth still is too kind, and tries

to pull out, but she simply appeals to his warrior side, and

convinces him of it.

The three Weird sisters. Instigators, antagonists. Had it not

been for them Macbeth may have lived his entire life never even

being king. They appear to Macbeth and Banquo. Telling

Macbeth, that he shall be king, and telling Banquo, that his heirs

shall be kings, but not he. This leads to Macbeth killing Banquo,

and trying to kill his son. The witches had not determined

Macbeth's fate. But they definently altered it. They told him

something, that no man could possibly ignore. The offer of

power, "absolute power corrupts, absolutely." Poor simple

Macbeth, never stood a chance. His mind was given what it

wanted to hear. Then when the chips are down for Macbeth, he

once again goes to the witches, and they tell him, that

"No man of woman born may harm Macbeth" and "shall not be

undone until great Birnam wood to Dunsinane moves." Macbeth

believing that this is far too great a prophecy to ignore, figures




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