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Maximizing Your Academic Experince

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Essay Preview: Maximizing Your Academic Experince

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Maximizing Your Academic Experience

Have you ever studied so hard for so long but nothing ever seemed to stick? Well I have and I discovered that the first thing you need to do is ask yourself - What are learning strategies and what can I do to maximize my academic experience? Learning strategies are activities that help people use their own learning style to best approach new learning. In order to maximize your academic experience you need to learn how to manage your time and plan ahead. You also need to learn how to follow the lecture and take class notes. Then, of course, you have the most important, learn where and how to study." The brain is amazing, but cannot consciously focus on more than one thing at a time. Be prepared to hear, listen and understand whenever you enter the classroom." Juarine Stewart, Ph.D.

Learning to manage your time is an important part of being able to maximize your academic experience. Some of the advantages of managing your time include it helps eliminate cramming and reduces the anxiety that comes with it. It also helps you to gain time, reduce avoidance and promote review. A key to successful time management is self knowledge and goals. You need to be aware of what your goals are and this will help you in prioritizing your activities. You need to be able to develop and maintain a personal, flexible work schedule. Create a master schedule that works best for you. Be sure to first fill in all of your required academic activities and then fit in other regular activities such as work, sports and recreation time.

Listening to the lecture and taking class notes is very important because the information given in class contains the central concepts of the course and the material that will be given on an exam. Listening is a skill that must be developed and you can learn a lot through it. You need to remember that the responsibility of being interested and understanding the lecture lies with you.

Be sure and arrange things so that you can be in a spot where you will be able to hear. Look for the main idea of the lecture and be sure to take many notes, because you'll need it later on to remember exactly what to study. When taking notes keep it short and simple, they should consist of key words or short sentences. Be sure to keep your notes in order and in one place and review your notes often, this is the only way to remember the stuff needed for



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