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Marketing Analysis

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SET A MARKETING ANALYSIS ON THE ABOVE CASE STUDY ... In the marketing analysis include the mission statement, swot analysis, 4ps, and solve any calculation analysis if needed. Also add other requirements that must be included in a marketing analysis. MAXIMUM 4pages

Market Characterization. The premise insecticide market consists of the consumer market and the professional pest control market. The estimated annual sales for insecticides in the consumer market in 1985 were $400 million with a forecasted growth rate of 10% per year through 1990. Therefore annual sales were projected to be $440 million in 1986 (the problem year presented in this case). The southern tier of 14 states accounted for 50% of the annual sales, with May-October being the peak season. This information is very relevant to The Zoëcon Corporation given the fact that the planning meeting was to be held in January, and a decision would need to be made rather quickly if the corporation wanted to enter the market. The three major competitors; Raid, Black Flag, and d-Con Company; captured a combined 67% of the market, with no other company capturing anything larger than 8% market share. Supermarkets boasted 70% of insecticide sales, with drug stores following at 9%. All other retail avenues made up the other 21% of sales. The professional pest control market produced revenues of $2.5 billion in 1985 with a projected annual growth rate of 8%, and forecasted revenues of $2.7 billion in 1986. Fifty-two percent of revenues were the result of general insect.



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