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Mac Vs Ibm

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Mac vs. IBM

Macintosh and IBM users will always be loyal to their preferred operating system. Regardless of price tags and elaborate advertising, an ideal computer for a consumer is a decision based mostly upon brand loyalty. Avid Macintosh buyers are paying an extra 10-20 percent more than an IBM consumer would for their products. Predominantly, Mac users are involved in the entertainment field; utilizing cutting-edge audio and video programs offered exclusively by Macintosh.

In the corporate world, an IBM will remain essential for linking numerous computers together and transferring data between various networks. With the many different brands of IBM-based computers and their mix-and-match parts, it is virtually impossible to keep it original. In contrast, a Macintosh computer will contain nothing but original components in a single unit.

In today's hi-tech world, owning a personal computer is a necessity rather than a luxury. For the majority of us, learning to use a computer seems easier than shopping for one at the electronic store. Megahertz, gigahertz, and RAM are terms that mean absolutely nothing to a first-time computer buyer. Macintosh computers are user-friendly and "dummy-proof" for novice users. Directly out of the box, a Mac is ready to browse the Internet with little or no instructions, within a few minutes. IBM computers are not equipped with the same capabilities and features that Mac presents. Instead, a first-time buyer will find it cumbersome to set-up an IBM without prior technical knowledge. Although the differences between both the Mac and IBM are clearly stated, consumers tend to purchase a computer based on popularity or previous experiences. Macintosh and IBM users will always be loyal to their preferred operating system.

As stated above, understanding the differences between a Macintosh and an IBM computer benefit the consumer when purchasing a computer for the first time. However, to support the loyalty between Macintosh and IBM users, paragraph number one is more effective. Most of today's computer users find it difficult to switch from one operating system to another. As such, a consumer will remain true to their brand and refuse to try a new product. Mac users will never buy an IBM on sale, nor will an IBM user buy a Mac for half price. Furthermore, consumers will make their purchases based



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