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Lottie Legh Case

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Lottie Legh

Lottie is a four year old student at the boarding school that Sara Crewe, the main character, starts to attend at the beginning of the play. Lottie's mom died while giving birth to her. This is why Lottie feels that there is a strong connection between the two of them. Although this is a very unfortunate thing for anyone, Lottie uses it as a bargaining chip and uses it to guilt trip people. At the school, Sara tells Lottie that she will be her mama at the school. The two girls start to become friends as the story moves along; however, they don't become as close as Sara and Becky, the maid at the school. Throughout the whole entire play, Lottie is a bit of a spoiled brat, but since she is so cute, Sara can't help but love her. In one part of the musical, Lottie, Ermengarde, and Sara are all talking and you find out that all of the mean school girls used to pick on Lottie and Ermengarde before Sara came into the picture. You also find out that all of the school girls thought that Sara was a princess when she first got there. Lottie is extremely ticklish and will spill any news if someone tickles her into it. Since Lottie is an unliked school girl, which is the reason I think Sara decided to trust her. Lottie is a very clingy child which is why it's a good thing that Sara is a very nurturing and motherly figure to her. Ermengarde seems to be Lottie's best friend throughout most of the musical; however, Lottie soon starts to attach herself to Sara. Lottie is completely prone to throwing huge tantrums that even Miss Minchin and Miss Amelia can't handle. Another thing that you may want to know about Lottie is that she is also the youngest students that Miss Minchin teaches. During the whole play, Lottie follows Sara everywhere like a little lost puppy. In my opinion, Lottie is one of the most annoying characters in the whole play. That, however, is not stopping me from trying my hardest to pull off being a fourteen year old playing a four year old. This is a bit of a challenge, but it should be fun. Lottie is not friends with the mean girls: Lavinia and Nora.



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