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Living on Oak Road

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Living on Oak Road

When I think of the sounds, sights, and smells of my house on Oak Road I get homesick. It makes me want to go back to the familiar area. My family and I moved here when I was just one year old. It was a small country town with only one store on the corner with clean air and very few cars on the road. We never had any worries as we walked to the corner store. The town always seemed very quiet and undisturbed.

As times have changed and I am now eighteen years old, the small country town has been taken over. It has become a small city. Now fast food chains, hardware stores, drugstores, and small shopping centers, have buried the small country store six feet under. The air is no longer clean because of the hundreds and thousands of cars driving down Oak Road everyday. Another big change in the old country town is the noise. In the old days, you could walk outside and hear all the different sounds of the birds and or animals. You may even hear other children playing on their junglegyms. Every once in a while you could hear a few cars going by, where as in the present you will hear a few hundred cars in a few hours. Also you will hear the sounds of construction that seems to be happening everyday. You will also often hear the sounds of police and fire sirens racing down the road.

You will also find that the smells often differ. On a Saturday afternoon you can walk outside and smell the fresh sent of cut grass, or just the smell of a hot summer day. By going up to the town car wash you can smell the strong sent of soap. But on other days there will be an awful stench in the air. The stench coming from burning leaves, busted sewer pipes, or just piled up trash.

Even though the area may not be the best for living conditions or as quiet as it used to be, it is the place that I love to be. Being in an area and knowing it like the back of my hand is very comfronting. Knowing where everything is and knowing how to get just about everywhere makes all of the disadvantages seem small. I feel that everything that I need is in this small city and I would not change anything about it.



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