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Life of Rachel Carson

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The life of Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson once said “ One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, “What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?” Rachel Carson was thought to be very intelligent. She had discovered mostly everything we use today. Rachel Carson had a captivating early life, education, adulthood, and discovered the DDT .

Rachel Carson was born on May 27,1907 in Springdale, Pennsylvania. She grew up on a small Pennsylvania farm (Early Life and Education). She explored streams at her house and a few neighbors. Truly she was a great explorer. She mostly enjoyed to explore the streams around her farm. She also had a passion for writing.

Rachel had a joy for writing in privacy. She didn’t like people reading her stories she liked to keep to herself. Writing was an escape from the everyday world. She began writing at the age of 8. She published her first story at the age of 11 in St. Nicholas Magazine (Early Life). Birds and animals helped her understand the way of life. She learned to care about something by nursing baby birds back to health. She was the smartest kid in her entire family.

In Carson’s early education she went to the small school of springdale. She usually had to walk to school and wasn’t very popular. Her high school was located in Parnassus, Pennsylvania. She graduated high school in 1925 and was top of forty-four students (Early Life and Education).

She began her college career in a graduate college. She was the only kid out of three to go to college. She went to Pennsylvania College for Women english but got inspired by a professor and switched to biology. She graduated Pennsylvania College for Women in 1929. After graduating she was going to start John Hopkins University in the fall, but in between schools she took summer courses in Marine Biological Laboratory. When she went to John Hopkins she got her master’s degree in zoology in 1932. She could begin her career as a marine biologists (Early Life and Education).

When she graduated she was so intelligent they had asked her to come back and teach summer school, which she did for seven years. While she was teaching summer school her dad died suddenly in 1935. Her father dying left very little financial support for her family, mainly because he died during the great depression. So Rachel quit teaching summer school to find a job to support her family, she got a part time job at the bureau of fisheries (Early Life, Education, and Adversity).

One year after her father's death, her sister died. She was left to care for her sister’s two young daughters. now Rachel had to care for herself, her mother, and her nieces. She had to find a better paying job. She applied for a full time job at the bureau of fisheries. She was the only girl to apply, but she had scored the highest out of all the people who applied. She got the job in August



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