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Letter on Answered Questions About Casual-Dress Policy

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Essay Preview: Letter on Answered Questions About Casual-Dress Policy

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To: Elizabeth Sommer

From: Management Trainees

Date: April 17, 2015

Subject: Answered Questions About Casual-Dress Policy

We think it would be a wonderful idea to update the current casual-dress policy, but it is important to remember it is still a work environment.

Although there is nothing wrong with our employees dressing in their formal business attire, we understand your concern. With a Casual-Dress Policy in place, not only does it show in our attitude how comfortable we are, it also shows we can dress casual and still maintain a personal agenda. Here are the answers to the questions you received.

• Clothing that works well in other environments other than for work is not acceptable.

• Any sort of body art and piercing should not be acceptable.

• Continuous offenders will be written down and be given a consequence.

• A list can be created of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of casual business attire.

• Disadvantages outweigh the advantages, but it’s important to be ourselves even at work.

The final decision is yours on whether to keep or change our casual-dress policy and we will stand by your choice.

To: Dennis Garcia


Subject: Requesting Price Match


Attached: Panasonic TV Receipt (1)

Panasonic TV Receipt (2)

Dear Mr. Garcia,

Please allow a price match so I can purchase a Samsung television. It is reasonable considering the trip I had to take to return the previous two defective Panasonic televisions.

On September 1, I purchased a Panasonic 42-inch Plasma HDTV Model TC-42X1 for $599.99 at Digital Depot. As soon as I got home I tried setting up my new television, but no image appeared on the screen. On the next day I returned to the store to exchange the television for a different one. As soon as I got home and finished setting up the television for the second time, no image would appear again. So for the third day in a row, I headed back to the Digital Depot to return the product for good. One of the customer sales representatives offered me a Samsung (Model PN42B450B1D) that fits the same criteria I was looking at before. Unfortunately, this model is a little over my budget.

Please make an exception to this price match for the new television I am trying to



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