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Humanities 25 Question Answers

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1. From what I understand I think that Homer was in belief of reincarnation, and that one would return in a peaceful state of mind and body. In Gilgamesh out of Mesopotamia it is a bit different because the Gods seem to be problematic, and I thought that they spoke of death and then spirits and an idea of heaven.

2. Achilles was not afraid of death, but he knew he would die to become the legend that he became.

3. Because I believe most culture, religion, and art was began in this time period and area of earth. Classical is exactly what those civilizations are the "classics" of art, religion, and social structure. (In my opinion).

4. Archaic Greece was an unusual Greek settlement that was made for trade and commercial reasons.

5. Aphrodite= Sexuality and Desire; Apollo= music, prophecy, sickness, and medicine; Ares=War; Hades= God of underworld; Hera=sister and wife of Zeus and patron of marriage; Hermes= messenger; Poseidon= God of the sea; Zeus= the ruler of the gods.

6. The nature of the Iliad was more focused around concepts and Gods taking different roles and moral points. As Gilgamesh was more about a super force type character and the opposing battles and then a flood which a moral meaning too, in my opinion.

7. Pericles was a leader and statesmen in Athens (c 495-429), and had many important family members (Almaeonidaen family) and wrote many important letters and scripts.

8. Although it would be majority rules, there are laws to hold power within the power it's self. For example it would be like the president saying yes or no to war regardless to what the public as a majority wanted. It's just Pericles had a much stronger hold on the real effects of power and the loop holes.

9. Much smaller amount of people and area in the real dealings of councils. We have a senate and a house of reps with hundreds of people between the two and in Athens it was a smaller group of elites making the choices and decisions, and also the head of power had a much stronger grasp of leadership in their democracy.

10. I thought from all of the reading I did that the real significance of the victory for the Greek's was The Delian League dominated by Athens.

11. Because to the art aspect it is the opposite of pornography it is beautiful art, the most artistic art is that of the human body and the naturalist's concept of the whole idea of Greek art.

12. As mothers, gatherers, care takers, and givers to the society as a whole.

13. Socrates was all about wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and the good of man kind in different points of view. In my opinion.

14. After looking through a lot of websites to find the answer I can only say that Rationality to him was the most important aspect of his morals and ethics and logics so when talking about men being the masters of women and other men being the masters of ?. I would have to say rationality.

15. I actually wouldn't criticize this statement at all; I think it is pretty direct and correct still to this present day. I think he is really emphasizing on morals and honesty and the overall good of man kind, because if these aspects aren't present they would be the worst kind of animal. This is my take on the idea and concept of what he is saying.

16. I believe that taking the negative aspects of human behavior such as greed, evil, and disrespect are things that Marcus Aurelius tried to conquer. The causes of these evils of humans in my opinion could be greed, jealousy, and in general being desperate.

17. Afterlife is handled in a spiritual heaven and gods being in control of their certain aspects. The death is handled by being judged by the gods and one's soul living on.

18. I believe that God revealed himself in



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