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Left Behind

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This book is about the Tribulation period that takes place after the Rapture of the church. It begins on an airplane; people suddenly disappear leaving nothing but their clothes, jewelry, etc. The airplane pilot, Rayford Steele, is the main character. Non-believers of Jesus Christ and his followers are terrified and frightened as they try to figure out what has happened to their loved ones. Rayford Steele is directed back to his airport. Flights across the world are grounded, due to the car accidents, sudden disappearances, and believe it or not, plane crashes. His wife and his son, in the earlier days had become very strong Christians.

As he lands the 7-47, a thought crosses Rayford's mind is my wife still here, are my kids okay, is my family still alive? Guilt came upon him, thus he was struggling with his marriage, and he thought about having an affair with his head stewardess, Hattie. Hattie befriends a young journalist on the plane and they try to make contacts with their families after the Rapture. They plan to keep in touch after the plane lands.

After hours of confusion and turmoil passes, Rayford makes his way home. Only to find his wife and son missing, their clothes being the only piece of evidence left. When the dramatic feeling sets in, he contacts his daughter, Chloe, and right away she makes her way home. In desperate need of answers, Chloe and Rayford search for answers about these mysterious cases of disappearance.

Suddenly, Rayford remember his wife talking about what the Christians called "The Rapture", she was always bringing up how they would vanish from the face of the earth. Rayford took her for granted and forgot about it completely. Everything she said began to make more and more sense, so to find the rational explanations he needed to answer these prophecies, he picked up the Holy Bible.

Rayford took the next step; he went to his wife's church to find Bruce, who was also too proud to accept a word the Christians had said before the Rapture. Bruce gives Rayford a video of explanation for the Rapture and Rayford studied it. In the tape, he learns that the Rapture is the event in where Jesus takes his followers, known as the Christians and brings them to heaven, where the Christians will receive eternal life. At the end of the video Rayford Steele then received the Lord God into his heart and became a Christian. He tried desperately to convince his daughter Chloe



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