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No Child Left Behind Act

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Essay Preview: No Child Left Behind Act

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The No Child Left Behind Act, a federal social program that tries to encourages after school programs should be eliminated and the extra funds given to schools to decide where it goes.

The NCLB Act, "was designed to improve education and achievement in America's schools in four clearly defined ways: accountability for results, an emphasis on doing what works based on scientific research, expanded parental options and expanded local control flexibility." Basically the Federal government funds schools for after-school programs to try to encourage school participation among students and reduce dropping out of school. Examples of after-school programs funded by the NCLB act are first and foremost tutoring, then extra-curricular activities such as sports, community service etc.


The NCLB Act is not effective because of the current situation of state governments calling certain schools "failures" because of their low exam scores, thereby reducing funding to the school. If the federal government is funding the NCLB Act for after school programs, it would seem that it was funding a non-effective program. I have broken down the consequences as follows.

-Low test scores, school gets reduced funding and

put "under state review."

-Teachers fired, less motive for students to stay

in school. School's curriculum is ineffective.

-Meaning more money would have to be spent on the

NCLB Act for it to compensate the loss of the

school's own after-school programs.

-So failing a school, based on government

standards, just to spend more on it? Digging

their own trap hole.

Policy Proposals

Based on my understanding of the education that I have received and the changes that I have witnessed, there are many alternatives to the NCLB Act, some of which I shall explain below.

-Focus on strengthening the curriculum. Subjects should



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