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Leanrning Team

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Learning team

I would classify my main learning style as hands on and through doing. In my past work

experiences I have always learned my job duties by being told and just doing it in order to

learn and perform the job. I have never been the type of person to read and comprehend

how something is to actually be done unless it is in map or diagram form. As a person

who is into physical activity it is hard for me to focus if I am sitting down reading or

writing unless it is something that I am really interested in. Since a child I have always

had problems with reading for a long period at a time. Trying to process to much

information at once can also be a problem for me as it challenges my intellect to be able

to comprehend all the information that is being given to me. My main challenge is to

learn how to focus on reading and comprehension.

In order to improve my study skills I will have to open my mind and expand my

thoughts. I will have to take time out of my days to sit down and read books or

magazines. I can use the time I spend with my daughters at night and read them stories as

it will help me and satisfy them as well. Also instead of listening to the news during my

break at work I can read the daily newspaper. The time I sit in traffic listening to music I

can start to think and process what it is I have been reading. I believe I can improve this

problem by just reading more and using my extra time wisely.

One of my other learning styles would be working in groups. I feel more confident when

working with others as they can help me in my weak areas. It also helps me to be more

organized and It makes learning more interesting and exciting. You also have support

from your team which can help motivate me. Group discussions interest me and I can

comprehend easily with the input of others. I have always been a "people person" and

enjoy the company and discussions with others. It is always a good thing to learn to work

with others , as it can be hard for some people, but then you stay in a comfort zone which

it can be hard to work by yourself.

I have been out of school for a long time and it is hard to start all over. Working by

myself lowers my confidence as I am unsure if I am doing something incorrect although



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