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Leading North-American Telecommunications Solution Provider

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Essay Preview: Leading North-American Telecommunications Solution Provider

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Case Study 1

The customer

A leading North-American Telecommunications Solution Provider.

The challenge

The customer has to provide an ISUP - Loop Around based wireless pre-paid solution to a large cellular service provider in North America. This wireless pre-paid solution is a suite of services that enable a mobile subscriber to pay in advance for a class of cellular service. This service, provides the flexibility to service providers to tap different types of user markets and lessen the risk of non-payment. The application communicates with Interactive Voice Response Units (IVR) for playing balance/Top-Up announcements to the subscribers. It interacts with external Rating Engine using tuxedo middleware, for real time billing of calls. The application also supports roaming subscribers.

The solution

Wipro Technologies has almost 6 years relationship with this customer as a global development center having more than 30 engineers providing expertise in various areas of Intelligent Network application development. Few members of the team helped in defining the requirements and architecture for the whole solution. The team then assumed complete responsibility of design, development, testing and deployment support of the application.

The solution involved development of ISUP Call Control, IS41 Mobility Manager, Rating Engine Interface, IVRU Interface and OAM&P components. These modules were developed on a high-performance, fault tolerant, multi-processor intelligent network platform. The application also supported hot standby operation of the service.

Due to miscalculations during the network engineering phase, however, the customer faced a lot of difficulties in deploying the solution at the service provider's site. Service providers would buy the solution only if the desired performance requirements were met. Wipro sensed the potential loss the customer would undergo if the deployment gave in. Apart from coordinating the development team offshore, the team interacted directly with the service provider to re-design the solution; making sure that the application met all performance requirements and that it was ready for a nationwide launch.

"As you may or may not know, the pre-paid service has been a speeding freight train



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