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Leadership Studies on General George Smith Patton Jr

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Essay Preview: Leadership Studies on General George Smith Patton Jr

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"We shall attack and attack until we're exhaustedÐ'..... and then we shall attack again"- General George Smith Patton Jr


1. The two great wars in the past century was featured by a number of military leaders revered for their qualities and contributions. If we ever make an attempt to rank these leaders, the name of General George Smith Patton Junior would surely find its way within the top few. Military historians of contemporary times consider General Patton a leader who can be studied for drawing important lessons on leadership attributes. His contributions in both the World Wars place him in an undisputed position of honour.

2. General Patton was a soldier in its truest sense. Born in a military family, he had a conducive environment to culture soldiering. He followed his father and grandfather in the same military institution for acquiring lessons on the military profession. Patton was a lover of military history. He had such an affinity towards the warfare of the past that he believed in his reincarnation throughout the ages as great military leaders.

3. Although an average student in the military academy, General Patton was a champion cavalryman, a gallant swordsman, a precise shooter, a renowned athlete, a sword designer, a God-believer, a famed poet and a loving father and husband. He always maintained an immaculate attire and enforced the same in his subordinates. Patton always respected his rivals both from his friends and foes. All these attributes made him an aggressive leader with a deep affection for the men he led. The other side of Patton portrays him as a short-tempered, too outspoken and often ruthless executor with disregard to details. Profanity in expression was a darker side of Patton but it also made him extremely popular specially when he used it in describing the enemy.

4. Patton had a clear vision of leadership. His maxims matching with the actions in the battlefield proved him as a master of leadership art. This presentation will focus on General Patton's leadership characteristics. Introducing him with a prelude of brief biography, it will describe his leadership approach, his professional competence and



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