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Leadership - Michael Jordan

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Leadership Ð'- Michael Jordan

In the sports world, proven leaders such as Vince Lombardi, John Wooden, and Bob Knight have shined amongst the triumph and celebration of championships and team awards. However, all of these leaders were directing their teams as coaches and have the assumed authority and respect of his players. This is why I think that referring to Michael Jordan as one of the greatest leaders (as a player) is a double compliment and testament to his true affect on the game and everyone he played with.

As a player, Jordan was very self-motivated and would spend hours on end to perfect his game. This was a factor of his leading by example at every level he played. Others players and teammates have commented that they have never met a more competitive, driven player that encompasses both a strong desire to win and hatred to lose. Having such high expectations of himself also translated over to his teammates, thus setting expectations and goals for others to follow. Jordan also expressed supreme confidence in himself and his abilities despite his fear of failure.

As a Chicago Bull, Jordan was the undeniable leader. He held his teammates to a higher standard and made sure he walked his talk. Finally, despite all of his individual accomplishments, Jordan eventually learned that the true measure of any player is how well he can contribute to the team's success. Instead of complaining about his teammates shortcomings, he learned to make his teammates better by maximizing their strengths and allowing them to play important roles. Instead of complaining about his coaches inconsistencies, Michael learned to adapt and accept the beliefs and strategies put before him and made them work. He changed his focus from "me" to "we." "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." This is a true measure of a leader.

In his assessment, Jordan was characterized as having "self, juggler, thinker, and closer" personality tendencies. Despite his desire for team success, he does seek his measurement as a player against his own standards. As a leader of his teams, he always thrived on the excitement and pressure of the last minute shots and unexpected game developments. Coaches always noted that Jordan was like a coach on the floor who not only directed the team, but provided the needed motivation and inspired



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