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Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong...Worthy

In, 2005, nearly forty thousand mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends and neighbors died of cancer in the state of Florida alone. Florida had the second most cancer deaths in the United States last year.

Even though, forty thousand deaths is a staggering number, many more Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year. One of the most inspirational cancer survivors is Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong was an up and coming cyclist in the mid-nineties when tragedy struck. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which eventually spread to his lungs and his brain. Lance endured months of treatment and eventually was able to beat cancer and return to the sport that he loved, cycling. Armstrong's miraculous return to cycling was not only inspiring, but he was able to achieve something no other cyclist had ever done. He won seven Tour de France Championships, often destroying his competition in the most grueling section of the race, the mountains.

After experiencing cancer first hand, Lance Armstrong set up his LiveStrong Foundation, in order to raise money for cancer research and help the millions of people living with cancer around the world.

Lance Armstrong's foundation inspires people to "live strong" much as he did. The foundation's objective is to provide education and advocacy, as well as, fund public health research programs.

Almost everyone in the room has had a connection to someone who has had to deal with cancer. It strikes all kinds of people, including world class athletes, like Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong has given millions of people a reason to be optimistic about their diagnoses of cancer, and their opportunity to survive a frightening disease. Armstrong has raised millions of dollars for research through the sales of his bright yellow bracelets, imploring people to "live strong". In view of his commendable accomplishments, both in the world of cycling and in raising millions for cancer research, Lance Armstrong is certainly worthy of praise.

In conclusion, the probability of developing an invasive cancer in your lifetime is one in three, for females and one in two, for males. Everyone take a look at the cards I passed out to you. The blank yellow cards mean



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