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Kim Kardashian Biography

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Essay Preview: Kim Kardashian Biography

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When I had to pick a person to write about, I wanted to chose somebody I knew off general knowledge I was completely different from. When I chose Kim Kardashian and did my research everything about us was opposite. Things like our race, class, and age just to name a few. She does receive a lot of backlash and controversy for her actions, when she decides to wear hairstyles or accessories that apart of the african american culture. I wonder why would someone want to be in the media all the time after receiving love and hate?

Kim Kardashian-west is a 38-year-old reality star, model and entrepreneur. Her ethnicity is caucasian and armenian. She is a mother of three kids and married to rapper Kanye West. Her father was Robert Kardashian, a lawyer best known for working on the OJ Simpson case. Growing up in Los Angeles, Kardashian is a part of the upper class society. As of april 18th, 2018 Kim is reportedly worth $350 million.

Her religion is Christianity. In 2015 she traveled to Jerusalem to baptize her daughter. Growing up she attended some of the best christians schools in Los Angeles. According to (Whittaker, 2018) Kardashian’s immediate family sends a group scripture to their families group chat. Kardashian’s job requires her to always be in the spotlight, rather it’s for her show, social media, or lots of photo shoots. While some photos may be controversial towards her brand, she is still an idol to younger girls watching her.

With that being said, a few different beliefs we have are that I personally don’t believe in taking or posting photos that show my body. I also feel like if younger females are looking up to you then you shouldn’t act that way. She also has children and I wouldn’t want my kids to see me in that way. I also wouldn’t broadcast what my family is doing to the world. Reality television is not for me, I’m a private person when it comes to my personal life. I honestly wouldn’t want to see everyone’s opinions about me on my social media pages.

Another thing is her upbringing was much different from mine, she is considered privileged because her parents are rich. She could have anything she wanted and more. She has access to the best schools, clothing, and living for her and her family . Her reality show shows clips from past and present family vacations, and exotic gifts like horses and cars. I am the only child and my immediate family is just my parents and grandmother. Kardashian on the other hand has a big family, which is four sisters and one brother.

Some things we have in common is a losing a parent, in 2003 Kim’s father passed away from cancer. While my step father passed away from



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