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Job Analysis

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Job analysis involves establishing the importance of the duties, responsibilities and physical and emotional skills for a specific job. In order for an employee to perform a job adequately, these factors are essential because they identify what the specific job demands and requires. The purpose of a job analysis is to assist organizations in finding out what specific information departments/ agencies need for a specific job as well as identifying what potential candidates need to deliver for the specified job. Job analysis is a great method to use because it enables organizations to recruit highly qualified individuals. The ultimate principle in using job analysis is to create an ideal study between the specific job and the future employee.

Competency models are examples of job analysis that focus on general characteristics such as knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and other characteristics that an individual needs in order to perform successfully on the job. Competency models are important foundations for human resource functions because they help HR managers identify and determine a person's characteristics (e.g., traits, habits, motives, social roles, attitudes, and self-image). Not only do competency models help HR mangers identify specific characteristics, the model also outlines the expectations organizations have for their employees.

Job analysis and competency models are both systematic systems that organizations use to help offer the groundwork for many human resource management activities. Other similarities regarding job analysis and competency models are both of these systems collect personal characteristics on individuals that can help HR managers identify highly qualified candidates for a specific job position. Job analysis helps human resource managers when choosing the right compensation package, benefits, and incentives for a certain job position. As far as one being more detailed then the other job analysis is much more detailed regarding documentation. Documentation in this regard maybe confronted by a legal challenge. Even though a competency model makes an effort to understand an organization's business plan in order to successfully create a direct line purpose between the individual competency requirements and immense objectives of an organization. Concluding, both systems have worked well for many organizations.



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