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Jimmy Cross Case

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jimmy cross is a senstive, drenily lieutenant jimmy cross must lead his men through the rice paddies of vietnam. He thinks he should rather be in new jersey with his love martha he love her alot but he knows she will never love him. This situation hurts him alot. He carries a pebble, which he got from martha. This pebble distracts him alot in the vietnam war. He loves martha even when martha dont understand his feelings.

I think that if martha had loved him it would be different for him he would have been a strong leader and if martha didnt give him a pebble it wouldnt had Jimmy cross think about martha durning the vietnam war alot he didnt think about her when a man died and jimmy he could prevented it if he hadnt been thinking about martha he decides that he was to learn about his job. He was a weak leader.

He was a weak leader because the tradional training he recieved is at stark odds with what he encounteles in contry. Jimmy cross character defect is his personal emotion life. Jimmy cross atempts to presude himself of own competence by relying on standard operating procure after levender is killed it means as a exonerate himself from feelings of personal culpability in lavendars death as well as his pathetic needs for marthas love Jimmy cross is the leader of the plantopn but hes opposite of the thought. Jimmy cross day dreamed all the time. He day dream a lot about his love Martha. A girl who wont ever love him back. And sometime he also day dream about golf and its clear rules and expectations/ inbetible, through durning his day dream one man got killed, and he blamed himself . Jimmy signed up to be an officer because all his friends did. H'es not confortble being responsiblities , he conforts it head on before he slips into another day dream.Jimmy cross thinks alot about martha he's akways daydreaming about her he does not focus on the vietnam war. If martha had loved him back he would have been focusing on da war and not martha or if martha hadnt gave him a pebble . Jimmy is always day dreaming about being in new jersey with his love martha even when he know she will never love him back



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