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Jens Company Marketing

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  1. About the company. Jens
  2. What problem does company/customers have? Why does the company and market need ….-marketing research objective/motivation of research/, highlighting the problem definition (to increase market share, attract new audience/segment,/ it’s convenient, fewer competitors on the market/low supply, people are interested in this/high demand, willing to pay for this) Julija
  3. Describe the market or environment our firm is going to operate in using a secondary data (macro-environment, Porter’s 5 matrix) Jens

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  1. Main agenda- marketing mix or strategic decisions to be made by the company to achieve that goal. We should consider 4-5 decisions, and for each write a tentative (provisional) list of alternative actions under consideration. Emanuel, Estelle
  2. Research Design (to achieve a strategy written above we will conduct several experimets with focus group of people …., in-depth interview with …., survey/-examples on a slide below) Estelle

Why like this? I analysed all info that he provided on the coursework (see below)

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Regarding the Marketing Research Project, each team should adopt the role of a firm (an actual or an imaginary one); the firm is planning to introduce something new (it can be a new product, a new packaging, and advertising campaign, opening a shop, launching an app, ...). You need to plan some marketing decisions (some elements of the Marketing Mix, ...) and to make these decisions, you need to think about the useful information you can get from consumers.

According to the schedule, next session each group must prepare a short briefing that explains the managerial problem and motivation of research, highlights the problem definition and includes a summary of the research design. You should also use available resources to obtain some secondary information to describe the market or environment your firm is going to operate in.

Therefore, you are supposed to upload your briefings in a max 2-page document in pdf format in Aula Global till Thursday, Sep. 28th and explain your ideas during a 5-minute presentation in class.



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