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Jane Eyre Case

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My heart was broken a long time ago. You see,it wasn't the breakup itself, it was the steps leading to it. Nothing hurt me more than seeing the person I loved deteriorate to someone I could no longer recognize. To someone who was bound by society norms, someone who was just completly different in my eyes.Then there was the broken promises, which were the cause to my trust issues. It was mentally exhausting always having to wonder and worry on what she was up to when I wasn't around. Relationships aren't suspose to work that way, right?

I looked down and started to fidget with the bracelet around my wrist. I couldn't bare look straight into those desperate tired eyes.He was looking for answers in places where there were none. The best I could do was listen and curse the girl who broke his heart.I went with the response I felt was right, " no, you should be at ease knowing you can trust them at all times."

I thought so.

It was then silient for a moment. I didn't say a word, I rather let the silience envelop us. He finally started to look at peace I realized . He stared out into the pouring rain with his hands at the back of his head as we just continued to rock back and forth on my front porch swing.

. I miss the way she use to be. The way she was before she thought she had to live up to everyone elses expectations. I miss her own complex mind. I admired her for it, for all those thoughts she carried that were unique. She wasn't narrow minded like she turned out to be. You know it amazes me that even when you treat someone perfect, they still don't know how to keep you around.

I want you to read something. He reached into his pocket then pulled out a crumbled paper. I hesitated for a moment but then took it, actually a bit curious. As long as I've known Mason so far since his arrival ,he's never been fond of showing his emotions. His sudden outburst of revealing how he feels was surprising enough.

The handwriting was faint and hard to read. But I could distinguish most of the words after squinting .

Dear, Mason

I'm stuck here in Minnesota drowning in my miserable thoughts. I'm on solo right now, where I have 48 hours of complete solitude. It's this time that has gotten me to think and value everything. I'm so sorry. Sitting here all alone, writing this letter makes me only want to cry more . I want you to know that you deserve to be cherished every second of the day.I'm so angry because I know actions speak louder than words. And I can't do anything right now to prove to you that things could change. It's these tears and words that won't mean anything , it doesn't amount to everything you've had to put up with. But the



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