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Issue of Global Warming

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Steve Bailey

Professor Dobbs

Science Lab

September 21, 2006


The issue of global warming is a very serious problem that would be looked a very closely. Due to the fact that the ozone layer is gradually depleting the earth's overall temperatures will continue to rise to new highs. Eventually, the climate will begin to change across the globe and these changed need to be looked at very closely. Although scientists are saying that past temperatures are irrelevant to the theory of global warming, others believe that the effect of global warming on the earth will be global and overwhelming to our way of living. I agree that if something isn't done to stop the depletion of the ozone, the earth will undergo a gradual but devastating change. Due to the fact that media is very involved with the idea of global warming, people are becoming much more aware of the problem. Also, it has become an everyday topic in science classes around the world. It seems almost obvious that alternative energy sources are a great way of slowing down the growth of the issue. Harmful gasses that are being released into the air are a major reason as to why the whole in the ozone is depleting at such a rapid rate. So, other forms of energy would be a great way to help slow the growth of the hole. Automobiles should be used in a more conservative way, and the use of growing industrial cities should be looked at. As a whole, the earth needs to find a way to stop the pollution rates. It seems as if these are the main reasons as to why the atmosphere is damage and depleted, and to stop the depletion these steps must be made. Scientists are already looking for ways to solve the problem, and hopefully they will be put to use before the problem reaches a new level.



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