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Isolation of Trimyristin from Nutmeg Case

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Essay Preview: Isolation of Trimyristin from Nutmeg Case

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Isolation of Trimyristin from Nutmeg


Extracting Trimyristin from nutmeg through reflux and turning it back into a solid through recrystallization.

Chemical Equation:


Obtain 4g of ground nutmeg and 10-mL of diethyl ether and place into a 50-ml round bottom flask with a magnetic stir bar in the center. Next prepare the apparatus for heating under reflux. For heating purposes for distillation a heating mantle and variable power supply will be used. Place the heat on 25 for this experiment. After boiling is observed, let the solvent reflux for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes ends allow the solvent to cool. Next, filter product into 25-ml flask. Place the round bottom flask for rotary evaporation. 4 ml of acetone is next heated in an Erlenmeyer flask in the hood using a hot plate. A low temperature for heating should be used. After the acetone is warm pour into the 25 ml round bottom flask. Swirl the contents and pour into a Erlenmeyer flask. After cooling through the use of an ice bath vacuum filtration is used. Once the solid is obtained the Mel-Temp is used to obtain the melting point.


Percent Yield = (Actual / Theoretical)(100 %)


Masses and Temperatures

Mass of Nutmeg 4.022 g

Mass of Recrystallized Trimyristin 0.046 g

Pure Compound Melting Point 58.5 O C

Melting Point Range of Compound 49 O C to 50OC

Percent Yield (0.046g)(4.022g) *100% = 18.5 %

After reflux and distillation I obtained 0.046 g of Trimyristin from the nutmeg. The percent yield came out to be 18.5 %. With the Trimyristin obtained a melting point range of 49 O C to 50OC was found using the Mel-Temp. The pure compound melting point is 58.5 O C so the range of 49 O C of 50OC was



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