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Is Abortion Right?

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Abortion is defined as taking away the life of a foetus. Surely this cannot be morally correct? Can it? I strongly disagree. To think a woman undergoing pregnancy can just end the life of a small, innocent and defenceless foetus. It is unjust and wrong to do such a vicious act of murder to an unborn human being. First legalised in the United Kingdom in 1967 has seen nearly 4 million terminations take place in Great Britain, excluding Northern Ireland - an excerpt from 'Word Alive 1998 lecture series'. Consequently, this has seen the death of nearly 4 million unborn children. In terms nowadays that is nearly 4 out of every 5 people in Scotland. Dead. A solution to an unplanned pregnancy - no.

Firstly, to kill a foetus is seen in the eyes of certain individuals as murder. Yet in the United States of America from 'The Abortion Factbook' June 1989 showed that 1.5 million women had undergone terminations. In 1997 97,950 abortions had taken place with female teenagers in the UK between 15 and 17 years of age. Now just because a mistake had happened to cause pregnancy does not justify a further mistake. Another human being dead - because of what? a one night stand? unsafe intercourse? These aren't acceptable grounds for the crucial crime of killing unborn kids! What did the baby do to deserve a deadly untimely end?

Furthermore, why kill a foetus when others can benefit. To think that as many as 2 million Americans are wanting to adopt (according to The Abortion Factbook June 1989). Just because an accidental pregnancy has occurred is no lawful reason to abort. Many couples in the UK try to conceive and fail so an unwanted baby could mean the world to a number of childless parents. On January 17 2001 the BBC stated that in 1999 (thanks to Adoption-net) showed that 35,000 were children successfully adopted which is brilliant for all of these children growing up parentless. However, think how many more parents there could be with the 254,300 aborted children of teenagers between the ages of fifteen and nineteen - from a statistics table of teenage pregnancies since 1972. Thus, is this heinous crime ever going to stop? Abortion has only been available 39 years and nearly 4 million people in the United Kingdom have died. So by 2045 we could have 8 million deaths at this rate. Shocking.

In continuation to this idea, abortion is not right because more women die from legal abortion and illegal abortions. Abortion is not as safe as a nurturing, natural pregnancy. Also this will increase the chances of the woman miscarrying a child. Therefore, this one misguided, outthought, mistake could be the one and beloved only. Now countries around the world are just using abortion as a tool of contraception. A report from 'The Info Project' in USA illustrates how numerous maternal and abortion deaths in Latin America is unknown. However 28,000 maternal deaths are estimated to have occurred in 1990, with 10,000 due to abortion complications. Unprotected maybe causing unwanted children, but with



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