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Introspection Case

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Rajarshi Saha

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power." - Lao-Tzu. Introspection reports are used as a reliable source of information which illustrates essential details about oneself. It might be considered as a useful testament to go underneath about the life and traits of an individual.

I worked as a Senior Programmer in Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. for last two and a half years before joining IIM-Raipur. In my office my manager had granted me Flextime work schedule and assigned me the role of a mentor for all the new joiners who used to join the project because she felt that I can motivate and guide them enough and help them perform their tasks and activities before critical deadlines. There were even instances where I used assign tasks to the new joiners and I completely believed in the concept of job rotation as I knew that employees specially new joiners who are trying to adjust themselves to the IT culture and might get bored performing the same tasks again and again. I initially joined as a developer and used to work with the developing team but after a year was shifted to the maintenance team where people used to perform job sharing as the maintenance team was supposed to monitor the usage of the website 24*7. There 3 shifts a day and hence job sharing was a very important aspect within our project and working in groups was another good thing I learnt in job. In college, the group activities were either informal or it was not that intense as that of corporate job. Thus, I learnt the art of efficient team work, which contributed to the augmentation of my flexibility.

Once there was an incident where our website was supposed to go live to production at midnight and as developers we used to provide access to all the front end and database coding to the server administrators as they were responsible for deploying the code to the server. After performing several testing in various environments we became sure that the code would be deployed successfully and there won't be any error from the server side and hence we left for the day. It came out that our entire team became the victim of randomness error we were informed by the server administrator team that the code was throwing error and we need to reach office as soon as possible. After that critical incident we decided to follow risk aversion no matter how confident we are about our developments and decided that the team will be staying late nights during production deployment.

Personality is the unique and relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts and emotions shown by individuals. Whatever be the job, a professional experiences the variety of personalities around him/ her. This gives rise to the interactionist perspective. It is the view that behavior is a result of a complex interplay between personality and situational factors. My personality got changed a lot after getting exposed to certain situations in job. My job exposed me to meet with diversified personalities. The more interaction I had, more outgoing tendency developed within me and more extraversion characteristic I developed. Also, I got more matured and more placid. The approach of tackling a situation started changing with time.

Accenture was a US firm. The senior managements of our project were a firm believer in the engagement principle. They believed that for an effective working, there should be a mutual commitment between employers and employees to do things to help one



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