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Introduction to Human Services Almeada and Baby Anne

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Essay Preview: Introduction to Human Services Almeada and Baby Anne

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Almeada and Anne

Week I

Sarah Rollins

Introduction to Human Services

Post University

January 9, 2019


Introduction        2

Social Control        3

Social Care        3

Rehabilitation        3

Conclusion        4

References        5


Almeada was a young woman who tried her hardest to provide and do what she could with the sources she had for her and her child. Although Almeada was a young single parent, she was hard working and determined and used available resources lightly if I do say so myself. Almeada did her best with what she had to provide for baby Anne and herself no matter what the circumstance. Almeada had social control, social care and rehabilitation figured out on her own without anyones help before she requested or decided she needed help. I praise Almeada for her hard work and dedication to doing what she needed to do because she could have been easily influenced by her “friends” and options given to her but instead she owned up to being a parent no matter the sitation. Almeada used little to no help from human services until she got settled into a new spot and realized she needed more help than she thought.

Social Control

Almeada is clearly living in poverty and needs help with personal care as well as child care. Almeada works and does what she can to survive but is still barely making it on her own. Almeada didn’t seem to grow up with the best romodels seeing as her parents were both alcoholics which probably influenced her young pregnancy having little to no supervision all the time. Even though Almeada is struggling, it seems to me like she is doing the best she can regardless of her age and struggles she seems to face.

Social Care

Almeada seems to be quite head strong and determined to do things on her own no matter how hard it is. Most young parents would depend on social services or other resources for help before getting to business and doing things themselves Almeada doesn’t reach back out to human services until she has a plan in order for her and Anne.


Almeada is doing her best to support Anne by providing a one room apartment as a roof over her head. After learning that Almeadas parents were alcoholics and she feared of them harming baby Anne, I think she made the best decision for her and her child by getting out of there. Her apartment is rat infested which isn’t too healthy, but with her low income it was probably all she could afford at the time. Maybe with the help of Hernando Alvarez from human services he could help get her into a cleaner apartment in an area where she understands her neighbors if funding is possible.



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