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Human Services Research Article

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Human Services Research Article

The title of this article was Psychometric testing of the Smoking Cessation Counseling Scale. This article purpose was to find the measure of nurses that smoked and counseling intervention by nurses ("Psychometric Testing of the Smoking Cessation Counseling Scale", 2011). This article was to measure the effects did the nurses have on giving advice to the clients and how effective was it to the client. If nurses give cessation while the client was in the hospital or while an outpatient which one was more effective? This was based on the average of how many sickness, deaths, disabilities, within a year. This was also based on the pamphlet given to the nurses to guide people to quit smoking. This article was formatted correctly by APA guidelines. This article also expresses the ideas of showing graphs an illustrating the measurements of study.

The article is appropriate for the subject because it gives the reader an the reason of study by indicating the purpose which it is to conduct the psychometric testing of smoking and the guides that nurses are given and which method would work better. This article gave the design of the study which was cross sectional. The location where the study was located and which nurses where studied. This article indicated what the findings which were 0.955, indicating how high internal consistency of the nurses ("Psychometric Testing of the Smoking Cessation Counseling Scale", 2011). The article indicated the conclusion of the study and what the studies turnout where at the end. The article showed the impact on the effect of the patients had when nurses would counsel them to quit smoking.

The article is conducted properly because in the beginning it gave an abstract of what was discussed and what was the discussion about and what the results where. The article does support the conclusion because it has the conclusion of the study and how the study turnouts where. The conclusion was that to improve the guides that nurses have to counsel patients about quitting smoking. The article expressed that nurses need more practice on guides that will help them guide the patient to quit smoking.

If any other additional statistical analyses could be performed it would be how nurses can improve the patients care during the outpatient counseling. This article can also have the statistical numbers on how many nurses are consistent



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