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Introduce Soong Ching-Ling

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Soong ching-ling was born in 1893 and dead in 1981. She is a great woman in China. She married Sun yat-sen in 1915. Sun yat-sen is the creator of Republic of China and Nationalist Party of China. In China, we call her the first lady. Soong Ching-ling came from a rich family and had a good education. She graduated from university in USA, but she gave up good life and followed Sun Yat-sen in dangerous situation. They fought with the Qing government and succeeded. In the World War 2, she and her sisters donated their money supported for the war of resistance. In 1950s she was elected the vice-chairman of China. She worked for women and children’s health care and education. She defended the world peace. She contributed her money to the children and women. In 1982, the Chinese government established Song Ching Ling Foundation to commemorate her.

I choose Song Ching-ling because she is a selfless woman. She came from a rich family and had a good education, but she always think about the poor. She donated her money to the poor children and women. She is fearless. She never cared about her own safety. She fought with the Qing government and Japanese army in wars. She is a patriot. She contributed her whole life to the Chinese people.

To summarize, Soong Qing-ling is a selfless and fearless woman. She is an excellent representative of Chinese women. She is a famous Chinese woman in 20th century. She made great contributions in women and children's health care and cultural education, also won the praise and love of international friends. She has an excellent reputation in the world.



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