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Internal and External Persuasive Communication

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Essay Preview: Internal and External Persuasive Communication

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Internal and External Persuasive Communication

Avis Favors


August 20, 2012

Lisa Paulson

There is a dilemma at Best Game Productions, and there are internal and external stakeholders that need to be informed. However, the method in the telling differs in the audience that is receiving the news. Memos, for the most part are in-house communications. The sender is usually trying to persuade towards a particular action, trying to issue a directive or trying to report something. A News Release is a written communication that is included in a industry newsletter or newspaper to announce something informative or newsworthy. The first communication you will read is my interpretation of a persuasive memo to an internal management division of BGP. The second communication is a news release to an external stakeholder who has been in a business relationship with BGP since its inception. I will also consider noise and the strategy used to create these two means of communication.

Avis Favors

University of Phoenix, COM537

Phoenix, AZ


To: Gotmy Eyez Onyou

CC: Game Development Manager, LANE Consulting Team

From: Avis Favors

Date: August 12, 2012

Re: Best Game Productions

It has come to my attention that the game development team feels that if our long awaited game is not read by its deadline, that there is a risk of receiving low ratings on individual performance ratings. There have been many difficulties but I know that the development team is an effective team and given to superior workmanship. I have listened to all concerns and read the complaints and I am happy to announce a very workable solution.

Best Game Productions is an ethically driven organization and we take pride in the trustworthiness of our employees and the profitability that the teams work brings. HR has been apprised of the situation and instead of basing performance ratings on this one particular project, to review all projects for this fiscal year and then make determinations. The CEO and upper management feel that this would be more appropriate and worthwhile and an encouragement.

There will be a brief luncheon on Wednesday, at 11:30am to show support for the team in future projects and to kibitz with the CEO and upper management and the consulting team.


ABC Suppliers

653 Donnybrook Lane, Cell (707)357-7533

Raleigh, NC 27617-3390

Ican Suppli U, PR Director

Email: icansuppli@abcsupply

Telephone: 707.431.9876



Phoenix, AZ (August 20, 2012) - Best Game Productions has had all of us salivating at the release of their long awaited game. BGP known for being at the top of their game in a competitive arena is not known for disappointing their substantial fan base and repeat customers. What they promise, they deliver. When it came to our attention that there had been a glitch in their game production and the game would be further delayed, we wondered would this spell their fall from grace. This being a cut throat industry, many organizations would have put out the game on time so as not to disappoint their customers who are fickle and easily persuaded to buy something else, somewhere else. But not BGP, they chose to further delay their new game release, rework the bugs and glitches, rather than turn out a shoddy product and risk losing their customers. It is good to know in this day and age that there are still ethical organizations that are concerned about their bottom dollar, but more concerned about their consumer base.

The CEO of Best Game Productions, IM the Topdog said, "The delay



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