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Interests - Hobbies: Football and Girls

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Essay Preview: Interests - Hobbies: Football and Girls

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Case Study

Part I

Name: John Doe

Age: 18

Level of Education: College Freshman

Interests/Hobbies: Football and girls

Background: John Doe is an American Citizen. He comes from a rich, white family. John Doe does not have many friends except for the selected few, who are friends with him only because of his family's financial status. His Family is very religious and well known in their town, for their strong belief in God and the church.

Part II

Case: John Doe was interview by Bianca Gilchrist to show how a drug can alter the state of consciousness of a person. John Doe was a young boy who was just starting college and allowed his peers to influence him to take Ecstasy. John Doe was influenced at a party that some of his teammates were throwing. At the party some of his teammates were taking the drug and encouraged him to do the same. Being that he had never heard of the drug or any of its effects John Doe decided to take the drug. "I wanted to fit in," he stated. Within minutes he says he began to hear a dull buzzing sound and before he knew it he became unconscious. John Does states, "I felt as though I was suspended in space. I remember thinking this is death, I am a soul, and I am going where the souls go. I can't fully explain the feelings I had that day, but I do know it was crazy. I though and believed I was something and somewhere I wasn't."

Part III

Analysis of Case: John Doe's state of conscious was altered by the drug Ecstasy. When taking Ecstasy it causes a sudden decrease in the level of oxygen and blood sugar of the body and an increase in the carbon dioxide the body stores. The body's brain cells are then over-excited causing the cells to burst like balloons. This is what causes a person to blank out, hallucinate, and hear a ringing in their ear. Other side effects of the drug may occur, but they are influenced primarily by the person taking the drug.



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