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Infrastructure Case

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Software such as Microsoft word which comes with its component as excel are all part of the infrastructure. Software component like excel helps companies get the job done quicker and less stressful. One person entering or updating info on a spreadsheet saves lots of time for the organization, comparing to doing it in some other old fashion way. The excel software is supporting the user data which is part of the infrastructure. Without infrastructure I don't see how our society can function. Especially big corporations, they need the hardware and software that can help their employees to success, to save time and probably money as well.

As I read the instruction for the assignment I realize that the major component of the infrastructure is not hard to find. For example, in order the company send the spreadsheet to another person it must first have an email address. Email is part of the infrastructure. Most of the time in today's age in order to send the email, most of us go through the internet or cell phone. The internet is important because companies can promote their business there or even sell their product online. Operating systems also plays a role. Most corporate will choose a user friendly OS. As far as I know Windows is still the most popular OS that most companies uses. My last component that I think it's also important is storage. It's important because as humans we're relying on the computer to store valuable information. This sometimes can be a nightmare in case of hardware going bad. Storage can help companies by saving people's salaries or social security numbers by a hardware.

Software such as excel is part of the infrastructure because overall it can help us human as a group and it's giving us exactly what we want to put in the date and what the rest of the workers can see also.



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