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Illness Case

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1.0 Introduction

The main purpose of this essay is to find out a solution for the water scarcity in the United Arab Emirates and test whether it is practical. The UAE is located in the east of the Arabian peninsula and is one of the richest countries in the world because its high production of petroleum. However, because of the geographical position which affected by the tropical desert climate, there is nearly no rains in the most time of a year and has a extremely high temperature where plants can hardly survive. (, 2011) Also caused by the increasing of population, the water scarcity has been a main problem in the UAE for several years. (H2O-China, 2007) In my original solution, the UAE should solve the water scarcity in two different ways: decreasing the water use in agriculture and transmit the water from a new resource out of the country.

2.0 Methodology

In this essay, the reference materials were mainly found on the internet where the information is all-around and up to date so that finding the basic ways for different countries to use to remit their own water scarcity will be easier. Then in order to work out with a better solution, information about the main cause of the United Arab Emirate's water scarcity was necessary. Also, looking through a few passages that talk about the situation of the United Arab Emirate's water resource and agriculture, such as the production and supply of water resources in the UAE, contributes a lot to the decision making. Compared these two things together and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, the new solutions for solving the water problem were finally created.

3.0 Findings

Table1- Water problems and original solutions in the UAE

Main water problems in the UAE The UAE government's original solutions

Lack of fresh water resource Increasing the use of high technology to desalinate sea water

Decreasing ground water level Construct reservoirs

Huge use of water /

(Embassy of the people's republic of china in the United Arab Emirate, 2010) (See figure1)

Table2- Advantages and disadvantages of original solutions

Increasing the use of high technology to desalinate sea water Construct reservoirs

Advantage Reduce the use of underground water and provide more useable water to both industry and agriculture Improve the ground water level gradually

Disadvantage The rate of transmitting is not efficient enough Can hardly reach the goal because of the poor precipitation in the UAE

(Embassy of the people's republic of china in the United Arab Emirate, 2010) (See figure2&3)

Table3- Influence of the globalization

Globalization's influence in the UAE

Advantage Bring more new technology into the UAE and promote the local economy at the same time

Disadvantage More foreigners enter the UAE thus increase the water demand

(Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, 2011)

4.0 Discussion

The UAE is a country locates in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, a place in the desert. So the basic cause of water scarcity is the low precipitation, and the low precipitation directly relates to the lack of water resource. But at the same time, the constantly increasing of the population in the UAE every year makes the use of water increase at a high rate and even became 8 times more than the production of its own underground water. Furthermore, because of the globalization, more foreigners enter the UAE for their economy needs and contribute nearly 90% of the population. (H2O-China, 2007)

Of course, the UAE's government has their practical solution to make sure the supply for the huge use of water. First, they started building reservoirs from 2005 in order to accumulate the surface water and finally improve the



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