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Human Resource Management

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Motivation of the Human Resources

for a Sustainable Organizational Development



This paper addresses the issue of human resources motivation which is considered one of

the most important ways for a sustainable organizational development. The author was

conducted a special research on the issue and the main findings are presented and

analyzed in the content of this paper. The objective of the research was to identify new

possibilities for increasing the degree of human resources motivation for supporting a more

sustainable organizational development. Based on ideas from critical realism and critical

theory, the paper argues against the limitative approach of motivation of the human

resource in the 21st

century. The research has made it possible to identify the most relevant

behavioral dimension of human resources motivation process. The last part of the paper

includes some recommendations for the modern managers in order to support them to

become higly effective along the sustainable organizational development process.

KEYWORDS: human resources, management, motivation, sustainable motivation, wages



In economic theory and practice, salary is one of motivation tools that significantly

influence people's workloads. Salary is a factor that plays a particularly important

motivation of human resources. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and

proclaimed by General Assembly on 10 December 1948 stated that: "Everyone has the right

to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to

protection against unemployment".

As the specialists are saying, all people have equal opportunities to find a good job enabling

them to obtain a salary attractive enough to meet needs as well. Lack of wage would lead to

people unable to live in normal conditions.


In the last decades the researchres (Munir, 2011; Pritchard, 2008) have noted and explained

the motivation of human resources from different perspectives, starting with different

premises. Some writers have stated (Nobre et al., 2011) the fact that motivation is the main

instrument which can be used for a direct correlation between wages and the results



The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania, Armenia ANDRONICEANU


There are some researchers who suggest (Murphy, 1981) that the employee should be

motivated through a proportional wages according to their efforts on the job and the others

that support the idea of human resources motivation according to their results and

performances obtained. (Deaconu et al., 2002).

Motivation and job satisfaction of human resources consider others (Deal & Jurkins., 1994)

should be one of the main priorities of the management organization to have a sustainable

development of its medium and long term. (Erez & Early, 1993) Along the last years there

is a growing interest for effective wage policy within the organizations. As some of the

scholars pointed out (Ciocoiu, 2011) that motivation is not only a consequence but also a

prerequisite for an effective social and economic activities (Colesca, 2010).

One interesting idea is that motivation like a part of the organizational wages policies has to

be judiciously prepared and perfectly damped with the general policy of the organization in

order to stimulate economic efficiency rather than to affect it. (Sims & Veres, 2007).

Development of wage policy is a complex activity that requires consideration of all aspects

of essentially the salary, duties and functions of its base, its correlations with the most

difficult economic and social variables and their implications on all interests of often

divergent businesses. (Tyson, 2006).

For the owner of labor force and for the employee, the wage for is the main support for his

or her livelihood and his family. (Topolosky, 2011). His reaction will be to try to maximize

not only pay to get a minimum of subsistence but to get as high paying. Therefore, policies

should not neglect the needs and goals of people's, because the salary is an instrument of



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