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Human Resource Management

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In the beginning of chapter #4 the book discusses the importance of succession planning. Succession planning is the "process of ensuring that qualified persons are available to assume key managerial positions once the positions are vacant." When I was reading about this it occurred to me that this is probably a very important concern for a company because so much of its success is depended on managers and how good they are. If a company loses its manager it is detrimental that there is someone to take over their position and keep the company going.

A second topic that caught my attention was the idea of job analysis. Job analysis is the process of determining ones skills, duties, and knowledge required for performing their job within the company. In today's

constant "changing work environment," the need for this job analysis technique is quite important. The book explains that it is important because "new jobs are being created, and old jobs are being redesigned or eliminated." The book also explains that without job analysis it would be nearly impossible to perform any of the other human resource-related functions. There are different types of job analysis as well. Such types are "work activities, worker-oriented activities, and the types of machines, tools, equipment, and work aids used in the job."

I recognized the book stressed the importance of the way in which job analysis is performed and the different methods that can be used with your employees. Some of the different methods included questionnaires, "witness the work being performed," interviews with both the employee and the supervisor, or even asking for diaries and logs to be kept by employees.

Job description was another key component of chapter #4, and this really interested me because I was just offered a job after my graduation this year. The book discussed what components make up a good job description. After reading some of the components I realized although the job I have been offered is an unbelievable opportunity, my job description given to me by my boss was very limited, and made me feel very insecure about what exactly my position was in the company. I really understood the importance of the job description for employees after my interview because I was unsure as to where my job began and where it ended. Another topic the book discusses in this chapter is strategic planning and human resource planning. I believe this is a very important aspect of management because without consistency, well thought-out plans, and forecasting techniques a company has such a small chance of survival. I know that if I am ever to own my own company or be at the top of one, I will stress these planning activities because I believe they are very important for not only the company, but for the employees as well.

In chapter #5 and appendix 5, I found some of the information very interesting and relative to where I am in my career path right now (as far as looking for jobs, being offered jobs, interviewing with employers, etc). The chapter begins with the importance of recruitment and the different types and processes. Internet recruitment is discussed as one of the leading ways to contact prospective employers and find jobs. Alternatives to recruitment include "outsourcing, contingent workers, employee leasing, and overtime. I found recruitment of interest to me because I am at the point in my life where I am constantly bombarded with recruitments for jobs, see advertisements regarding jobs, etc. I also paid close attention to this chapter because it talked about internships as a way of recruitment. I am starting an internship at a financial firm this September and I was recruited by one of the employees that I had met at a Christmas party my family attended. I met this employee and he set up an interview with the CEO of his company for me and felt I would be a great candidate for an internship at his firm. I appreciated the offer, and realized just how many different ways there are for people to be recruited to businesses.

Appendix 5 stresses the importance



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